Emergency Electricians

RnA Electrical provides a 24hour, 7 days a week emergency electrician call out service to our domestic, commercial and industrial clients across the North West – including Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

Comfort and safety with our emergency electrical services

As we live in an ever-increasing digital world that extensively utilises computers in the workplace, downtime can have severe financial consequences, whilst at home or workplace – your comfort and safety could be impacted whilst being without electrical services. If you are having electrical problems that cannot wait to be resolved, our experienced emergency electricians can provide an efficient service to reduce disruption to your business under emergency situations.

Ensure your home and family all remain safe.

We know that almost every home relies on electricity to function day-to-day and being without it for an extended period of time can have a heavy impact as your comfort and safety are impacted.We can have someone to your place quickly to ensure your home and family all remain safe. We have an emergency team that are equipped with the latest modern equipment to deal with many emergency situations – so that your electrical issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.