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Nest Protect

It’s certainly important to have at least one, if not more, working smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors in your home. But if they go off while you’re not there, how will you know if there’s something’s amiss?

Smart smoke detectors, such as the Nest Protect, will send you an alert to your smartphone in the event of an emergency. But there are other reasons why this £100 device is one of our top picks.


The Nest Protect uses a split-spectrum sensor that is good at detecting both slow-smouldering fires as well as fast-burning ones. It’s a photoelectric sensor is great at sensing smouldering fires, but Nest’s sensor has a second wavelength that’s better for picking up flaming fires.

In addition, the Nest Protect has sensors for carbon monoxide, heat, humidity and occupancy.  A alarm-siren is very helpful in alerting you to a fire, but doesn’t provide any information other than that. Nest Protect is different in that it also provides spoken alerts, which not only tell you the nature of the emergency (smoke or carbon monoxide), but also the room in which it’s occurring.

The nest app

The Nest Protect runs self-tests to ensure that everything is working as it should; this includes not only daily sensor and battery checks, but also monthly sound checks to make sure its speaker and horn work, though the app gives you advance warning, which is nice.

Through the Nest app, you can monitor the status of the detector, as well as any other Nest products you have. The app gives detailed information on when the Nest Protect last checked itself, and if there are any issues. From here, you can also silence the alarm if it goes off accidentally while you’re burning the toast.

Not only does it pick up several types of fires, as well as carbon monoxide, but it also does a great job at alerting you of the danger.

Nest Protect’s Wireless Interconnect feature allows all Nest Protects to talk to one another, letting you know what’s happening in other parts of the house during an alert or emergency alarm.  In addition, Nest Protect can tell other Nest products in your home about emergency alerts and have those products respond in helpful ways.  For example if it detects high levels of carbon monoxide it can talk to you nest thermostat and shut off your boiler so not to make the danger worse.

And, it works with a wide range of smart-home products too. So, for example, you can set your Philips Hue lights to turn on automatically when the Nest Protect goes off.